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Twiggy SnakeBitez™

In my world of trance and thought today I realized everybody in this city is sick, I haven't met one single sane person. ever. but then again I don't think I ever have nor that I think I'm sane...
is this psychoanalizing everyone that's stopping me.

but it's how I meet all this kinds of people that hide secrets, and make me hide them, or i'm part of their secret, and that i have to keep quiet...but it isnt that I can't keep secrets, it's how it drive me crazy how i see these people interact in society and society accepts them because they are hiding these secrets, how would society feel otherwise? or how can they walk and fake it? and is everybody else doing the same? because no one seems to prove me otherwise and everytime there are less and less people that I can't feel publicly like they are not wearing a mask.


Twiggy SnakeBitez™
What food would you miss most if you were sent to prison for the rest of your life?
Oh god, sushi, i'm pretty sure they wouldnt have sushi in prison with the whole chopsticks can be used as a weapon, watch me poke out your eye with my chopstick. However, I think that you can get whatever meal you want before getting executed? if I was in prison for life I'd made sure I got to the executing thing, and then asking for sushi or noodles because I rather have death and a nice meal than living all my life in a cell.

Twiggy SnakeBitez™
15 April 2009 @ 05:52 pm
I've felt too independent, in a bad sense and I just feel everyone is distant. All the people I know don't know each other, I never know their friends and it's really not like I want to meet their friends, I don't like people acting in gangs but I'm starting to feel as some sort of police officer around them and I don't like people in my house, unless it's some sort of convenience situation, then I have to follow this daily routine and then more.
Going out so much, with so many people and so many things have made me believe I am the only one I can trust, then I've been bottling my feelings about how I feel and what I really need and this has been going on for months and I'm about to explode.
It's not like I'm not direct or honest, just hidden.
and the whole 'let me talk to a stranger about my life' thing stopped working ages ago because I feel I have too much baggage and I'm just another criminal to judge from. just in gossipity.
and I'm in nonexisting relationships that are starting to get to me.