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27 May 2009 @ 06:01 pm
Better to be sick in the head than sane in the city.  

In my world of trance and thought today I realized everybody in this city is sick, I haven't met one single sane person. ever. but then again I don't think I ever have nor that I think I'm sane...
is this psychoanalizing everyone that's stopping me.

but it's how I meet all this kinds of people that hide secrets, and make me hide them, or i'm part of their secret, and that i have to keep quiet...but it isnt that I can't keep secrets, it's how it drive me crazy how i see these people interact in society and society accepts them because they are hiding these secrets, how would society feel otherwise? or how can they walk and fake it? and is everybody else doing the same? because no one seems to prove me otherwise and everytime there are less and less people that I can't feel publicly like they are not wearing a mask.