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Twiggy SnakeBitez™

Life Is Hard Enough Without The Added Anxiety

27 August 1988
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I dont add you, you add me.
I make fun of you, you dont make fun of me.

simple rules.

My name is...
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80's, addictions, aesthetics, alternative, anorexia nervosa, anticon, apples, art, bbabh, beauty, befriending people, bullsh!t, caffeine, californication, catcher in the rye, cds, chinese food, chiodos, city lifestyle, comics, concert band, cooking, dance, dance gavin dance, dancing, democracy, desperate housewives, dexter, diets, digg, dnb, drum and bass, dub, eating, eating disorders, eds, edward scissorhands, emo, enter shikari, europe, exercise, experimental, eyeliner, fashion, fasting, ferris bueller's day off, florida, food, from first to last, gadgets, glam, green tea, grindcore, hair, hair care, hair spray, hair styles, hardcore, hardcore punk, help, house m.d, hugo chavez, hxc, icons, indie, indie music, inked, instant messaging, internet, ipod, jawbreaker, jungle, juno, legality, life, little miss sunshine, livejournal, losing weight, love, love letters, madrid, make-up, making out, manga, masters of horror, metabolism, metal, metalcore, mixtapes, models, music, myspace, navigating, new wave, news, nintendo, nintendocore, pale skin, perfection, photography, piercings, poetry, pop, post punk, progressive, psychology, punk, questioning, questions, quotes, reading, recipes, records, red light districts, robots, rock, romantic, screamo, secrets, sex, shopping, size 0, size 2, ska, social bookmarking, social networking, songs with long titles, songwriting, spain, style, surveys, tapes, tea, techno, that 70's show, the butterfly effect, the devil wears prada, thinspiration, tv, united states, veganism, vegetarianism, venezuela, vintage, water, working out, writing, writings